Reviews for "Bump in the Night"

it happens

great use of still animation, the music brought lots of suspence to the film, and I guess that happens to quite a few kids, mind you it tramatizes them for life. oh damnit its back, DAMN YOU SECRETAGENTREGE, DAMN YOU TO HELL, AHHHHH! GET OUT OF MY HEAD, MY EYES THEY BURN.


good one, nice selection from the audio portal
cool graphics too.


That was great. I wasn't even beginning to expect that. You sir, are a genius. The music was a nice touch, btw.

Simply Put

That was awsome. See that right there is real animating. simple tweens and a story line. thats what makes a good toon. Good fuckin job dude.

SecretAgentRege responds:

Thanks a lot! I'm glad others can appreciate something other than stick-fighting and skateboard movies. Thanks for the review!


Lol. I though it was gonna be something stupid like a squeaking door or something. Well anyways like feature with the brightness toggle. I liked the fading movements. And the Music really set the environmen. Overall Good Job