Reviews for "Bump in the Night"

Too slow!!!

Good . . . . but way too slow !!!


that was gr8t i was wating for somthin to jump onto the screen or somthin like most of them do but this was wonderful

...Holy crud...

That is the best use of FLASH I have EVER seen. It was dark, creepy, and hilarious. Those are usually things you don't have together.

I also liked the ending and the utter creepiness. Unfortunately I read some other reviews while it was loading, so the ending was spoiled.

Overall, that was SWEET!!

SecretAgentRege responds:

Thanks a lot! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. I'm sorry the end got ruined before you got to see it, but atleast you still enjoyed it.

Thanks for the review!

The best toon ive seen on Newgrounds in a while

I thought from the title that this would be about the old T.V. show, but was not very surprised to see that it was not. Very good works, nice ending, I really didn't see that coming...

SecretAgentRege responds:

Thanks! I try to release good work. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for the review.


I'd like your post a lot, I especially enjoyed the time lapsed movements (or whatever you call them) I thought that it was an interesting way of doing the animation. It at the very least made it different from most posts which just try to be really flashy. Good job, looking forward to seeing more of your stuff.