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This was the first Flash animation that I started, and the 3rd one that I finished. Watch how it gets better towards the end! The Dopefish is a character from Commander Keen, and has made cameos in man computer games since. *BURP!*



that was so hilarious!! it made me laugh so hard! haha, very nice movie, well done!


urrr...guy, that was... frightening, that all i can say, well i guess it was funny as well, funny in a frightening sorta way


after watching that i am now dumber....a whole lot dumber.....but funny nonetheless


Fantastic! Worthy of a moo from us all! As a lad or calf who understood the true platform stars at the time Mario, Sonic and Keen. I must say that this filled me with a kind of sadness that he hasn’t faired as well as the others. No matter though, that just makes Keen all the more retro in power. Sort of like this flash.
I first saw it in the current fifty expecting it to get an award or a daily feature at least but there’s just something about the dopefish that only gives it the power to harvest a silent appreciation, but then maybe that’s an award in itself.
Dam do I know that bloody dopefish and dam am I impressed with this moo. Nearly every cameo was in here and the only ones I didn’t spot where the ones in Daikatana and the warcraft 3 expansion set I think.
The music was great, I loved that tune in the mirage city which was a great choice and that Pac man merge was classic. Interactivity well you hit on a new dance sensation I suppose, but for a first flash that draws on all you bases I guess it could only be limited to click and enjoy which is fine all the same. Humour though that were you scored! I especially liked the use of the sg1 Stargate’s t-man symbol and I’m sure it would make old Judge giggle if he saw that moo. As it definitely made me Daniel Jackson but then the rest has already been spoken of. And I can’t really say anymore than that apart from better luck with the next dopefission as I’m sure that daft fish has many more cameos to come. Who know maybe I’ll get to see him in a game of mine one day. Yeah you wish moo! O well I cow can dream can’t I! No you can’t. O moo… guess I’ll have to watch this again to cheer me up.

And they called it, Dopefish!

I have a new god...his name, Dopefish!

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Oct 20, 2003
12:31 AM EDT
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