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Reviews for "Dopefission"

Randomness is my fav thing

It was just none stop random, where u get the song i want to know, anyway awsome awsome, i loved it soo much, and who is commandor keen, never heard of him till now, anyway keep up the funny work

I always loved commandor keen!

Reminds me of the time when our computer was still able to start the game >_<. too bad commandor keen never became famous.

that song made me think it could end any moment. where did you get it?

i think the funniest pics were the mona lisa, the dopefish 9-11, the people crossing the street and that pringles icon. It almost looks like you had IQ equal to a dopefish, and started to make the movie!

talk about random! the weirdest random flash until now, I think! most of those are fun, so I really liked this one.

two things:

#2: nice song, and i liked the fish smoking weed near the end. Fishes toking are always funny. SWIM SWIM HU-....ah, nevermind.

I didnt give this a 10 because that would encourage you. the less time you spend making these, the more time you will have to reflect on what the fuck was wrong with you when you made this.
I can tell you spent FAR too much time on this.

that was...whoa...

that had tobe...the strangest thing...i have ever seen...it was like hypnotic...forcing me to give it a perfect ten...its like doing acid...shrooms...and a hole laotta other freaky shit...whoa...

Commander Keen Rocks Man!

Hey, I have all eight Commander Keen games! This flash really brings out your inner Dopefish, doesn't it?