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Reviews for "Dopefission"

If you don't know what dopefish is...

i would suggest looking it up before watching this movie.


idk man

i wasn't all that great yet it was pretty entertaining


I know you put a lot of effort into this, but you should have put more thought. No one wants to watcha series of fish images over and over again. I'm sorry, but i can't rate it that high.

Great graphics, but for what?

Honestly, I couldn't figure out why you could waste such ample animation talent on a useless effort? I can tell you put a lot of work into it but this is ridiculous. Slap yourself or something.


There is just not enough Commander Keen on Newgrounds.... ONLY 4?!?! THIS IS LUCIROUS! I basically grew up on such greats games as Commander Keen, i mean it was already kind of old when i got into it (born 1985) but games like this and all the Sierra Hero\Space\King's\Police Quest games a bit earlier... i can't believe there are only 4 movies about Keen.... :..(

Anyway.... Loved the flash man! PERFECT SCORES ALL ROUND!!!!
Spread the love! Commander Keen, it was like Prince of Persia but with guns and more baddies and a POGO STICK!! ID ROCK!