Reviews for "Dopefission"

Ah, the dopefish *dream*

God, it's been so long since I played Commander Keen, makes me want to go back to the attic and fish it out to give it another whirl. Maybe Bio Menace too.

TmsT responds:

Oh! Oho! "FISH" it out! Oh- oh!!! Ahhahaha! I see what you did there! Yes, VERY clever! Oho! ;D

A fellow Commander Keen fan!

It's good to know that there are some of them around on Newgrounds! :D

The best part of the movie is the hectic and hilarious finale!

Swim, swim, hungry (for more)

Good flash
pretty good
now back to work!

oh man that was awesome!

yeah, you are.

some of your flashes are good, some were crap, this is good.

oh yeah, and what the hell is commander keen?

i know that there are 4 commander keens on the last level of doom 2, so i have seen him, but wat was he on? snes? NES? i wish i knew...


Hehe, the Dopefish is evil as heck. I remember playing the game with that thing in it...

I personally found this a little boring after a while, but I will not dis out the flash for that. It had nice timing and good animation, plus the graphics you used went well together.

On a completely different note (sorry to have to say it on this review, I couldn't review your other piece as I had done so a long time ago), but what is the title name of the song track by Vangelis in your Jesus VS Colin finale? I have been hunting for it forever and going crazy.

Thanks a ton. ^^ Cheers to ya!
- Kat

TmsT responds:

"Conquest of Paradise"