Reviews for "Dopefission"

I LOVED IT!!!!!!!

The music was catchy, it had all the characters from my favorite games such as the Dopefish (obviously),Duke Nukem (one from DN3d and another from DN2), Halloween Harry (from Alien Carnage/Halloween Harry) and Commander Keen, and the pictures were hilarious!. In short, (read summary)

Great fun, I love that fish

I have no idea what kind of game Commander Keen is, or who Dopefish is, I just know I love this flash and the fish...it's so CUTE! :)

Fucking great

This is has got to be the best dopefish flash out there. *swim* *swim* *hungry*

what the fuck

that was the biggest piece of shit i have ever seen.

Haven't seen some of that shit for ages

Holy shit man, that brings back some memories (a few I wanted, and a ton of ones I didn't) about my childhood in front of my Packard Bell. I thoroughly enjoyed the Tintin reference and the...wait...c'mon...I got it...awww hell. I was so engrossed by the flashing images I forgot to remember other references of a similar fashion. So anyways, I find that it's nostalgia outweights it's need for humor, and I must agree with my peers in saying that it was a type of excellence in it's stupidity. My final say you ask? Do It Again!
I'm gone