Reviews for "Dopefission"


Awesome Awesome Awesome! I think its about time Dopefish got a great Flash Tribute such as this! Great stuff man!

And they called it, Dopefish!

I have a new god...his name, Dopefish!


that was so hilarious!! it made me laugh so hard! haha, very nice movie, well done!

An Instant Classic!

Damn! That's a lot of Dopefish! Who would've thought that something as simple as a big dopey-lookin' fish that appeared in ONE LEVEL of ONE GAME that was created OVER TWELVE YEARS AGO could have so big of an impact on society! This covered everything I knew about dopefishism and plenty of things I didn't! Dopefish Forever!

ah the memories...

I used to play Commander Keen 4 about 99.9% of my time :P

And this really brings back the memories...