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Reviews for "Dopefission"


That was hilarious. Thank you for this pleasant bit of nostalgia.


That brought back memories, I loved Commander Keen. Thank you for giving me nostalgiac bliss over a wonderful game, the likes of which we will never see again.

Great music, loved it, and a good montage of the almight dopefish. YOU ROCK!!

All the classics were there!

I saw Captain Comic! Hooray! Commander Keen is my hero! Tom hall was in i t too... plus I liked the song. Good enough.

TmsT responds:

Captain Comic has a special place in my arteries... I beat the game in 1995! XD
It was a momentous day...

The song

I greatly enjoyed this, mainly because of the song. I had to watch it a few times to finally realize that parts of the song actually resembled songs found in the Commander Keen games.

That's awesome.


Good to see there are still some keen fans out there (even if they are still going on about that damned fish! It's only the second dumbest creature in the universe, I mean come on!) . Umm yeah I'm not really sure what to make of this one, I guess I'll give it an 8 because of the nostalgia...*sigh* by the way, is it possible to get a legal copy of keen 2 and 5 yet?

TmsT responds:

If you pay for it, yeah. ;-\