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Aura: story mode

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Without much fanfare, I have brought Aura: Story Mode back to where it was born, and where its story began.

Offline for 13 years(!!), the short was replaced with a single image, asking you to "have faith".
There were great things promised, but they never came to be. A big dream one finally had to wake up from.

Aura: Story Mode returns in glorious HD in all its dated rough glory.
I wish to deeply apologize that after over a decade-long tease this is all I have for you, but I hope it will bring good memories to some, while being an enjoyable old flash to others.

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Thank you thank you thank you thank you for re-uploading this! Just this small video has inspired my own creativity a great deal.

As for the content, would I would be right in guessing that the protagonist was engineered to bring ruin to the enemy's of the state (or captured because he had that latent ability) while the woman had the same treatment but for the opposite, to prevent harm to the soldiers?

that's nothing

*lmao* this has been gone like for years, i believe. PUT IT BACK ON!!!!

I remember the day this came out, i post a review on how awesome it was on the dailt rewards forum, thats how i came here again... shame it went down, wouldve liked to watch it again...

Nothing happens?