Reviews for "Aura: story mode"


see this is tha kind of stuff i like..working on my own first "serious" series myself..totally different from your style, but still..

I really love it man
I still gotta lot to learn
but i will ;)

now start slaving on the next! hahahah

Bettter, and better!!!!

I did'nt realise I saw the first one until about halfway through this one, but OMG!!! Very dark, great music and you can tell this took alot of time and wow it really is a great piece of work. I'd like to see how this female character develops. Truly I'm adding this to my Favs!

Plz Respond!

Sarkazm responds:

so i respond...

I am wowed

I loved the music, the neural jacks, the preminitions, the foreshadowing with the fly... everything. This was wonderful, the art style wasn't exactly my thing, but everything else made up for it, and the characters were still well drawn despite it. Fiver for you.


Oh! i remember the first episode about that dude who got everyone to die and stuff and in the end he fell down from that cliff! but i watched a looooooooooooooooong time ago keep the good work up!

This is a Masterpiece.

Seriously, I am completly honest.
The story is very interesting and the way you managed to tell it was simply awesome.
Keep up with the good work!