Reviews for "Aura: story mode"

oh wow

you are an inspiration to us all your work is allways good, funny serious whatever. your now my most favourite auther of all time if anyone says otherwise they should just die. great work keep it up you adda do more flash like this.


you clearly have no knowledge about what talent is and isn't so keep your ignorant opinion to yourself unless you have something constructive to say.

Aura Moved off NG?

com one man i need my fix!

and try not to ask questions???? wtf??? why was it moved?

when is it coming back??? jesus christ man.

That's all

It made no sence, graphics good and sound was good. But nothing happened. I am disapoimted with your work( all of it).

I... i.... i... Really dont understand this...

Doesnt the picture just keep rolling with some sound and then... Nothing else? i cant understand u man. Aleks come on make something cool like: Hanged Mans Elegy... AGAIN... :)