Reviews for "Aura: story mode"

D Chi

Storm Troopers + crucified light woman + crazy pointless fly = me voting a 5, nice work.

You are an artist.

And I hope you make a new one.

I'm giving this a ten, but I do have some comments

First of all, that movie was really amazing. The limited colors, the weeving of 3d in, and a very suspenseful story. I loved the soundtrack up until the last track when he was breaking out. That came close to ruining the whole experience. You should have kept with the classical style stuff, I think it could have made that part much better to go along with not using any sound effects. I'm sure you've thought about this, but I wonder if it would look better if you smoothed some of the lines on the people you animate frame by frame. It may go against your style, but it may be worth looking into. Great Work.

Das very good.

I love the concept of an almost all powerful hero who's succesful only through the luck of extreme coincidence and circumstance. At least that's what I think its about, haha. Hey Aleks you have an awesome name. Frame by frame is so difficult yet rewarding, and if you can do it well you deserve an award. In the words of Peter Griffin "Heheheheheheheh this movie's freakin sweet."

Another masterpiece!!

This type of work is not appreciated enough here at newgrounds, or almost anywhere else in the world. This stuff should be broadcast nationally, just to show people that not everything is fun and games!

Juan Bobo