Reviews for "Aura: story mode"

Wow, better than the first.

Again, thanks to yours.at/aura I was able to watch this movie. The 3D you used in this was amazing, and I really wanna find out wether it was the guy or the chick doing all that. Who's really in control?


So why was it taken of newgrounds? its really good :(

That was interesting

That was an interesting animation. That guy really has alot of "Good Luck" doesn't he? With everything just happening around him. Everyone probably thinks it's him doing that, but it was all basically random acts.
Oh by the way, you can watch it at yours.at/aura. The author took it off newgrounds so all you'll see from here is a 'Have Faith" thing. yours.at/aura to watch it.


I don't know but when I opened it up it just had a screen saying Have Faith a lot and a big guy with dark eyes, and nothing happened!
So, even though I haven't watched it I just gave it 9/10 for Graphics and Style coz all your work is at least that good, and just 5 for the other ones for now.

um . . .

i'm probably just an ass for asking this, but i'm blonde, so please forgive me . . . is this it? or is there a way to start the movie or what . . .? eheh . . . *cough*

(ps, i just rated everything five for now)