Reviews for "Aura: story mode"

I... i.... i... Really dont understand this...

Doesnt the picture just keep rolling with some sound and then... Nothing else? i cant understand u man. Aleks come on make something cool like: Hanged Mans Elegy... AGAIN... :)


It really is amazing how fucking stupid these newground punks are.

I really think youre just working on it... Hopefully you are... Just take your time Alek. Take your time... have faith.

And to you idiots out there, shut your arrogant prepubescent mouths. READ the authors goddamn introduction.

Good lord

As Daiikun said, he has taken both Aura and Aura: Story mode off. I believe he is actually reworking them. Patience


this is just the same picture as the last one.

In answer to Dude-Wilco's question

If you look, the author said that he's taken Aura off indefinately. Stop complaining. The reason I gave Story-Mode a 5 is because I remember seeing the original and giving it a 10. Since I can't see this one, I'm going completely neutral so as to not make anyone think it's bad or good.