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HaxeFlixel Game Jam Winners!

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Last month we hosted a HaxeFlixel Game Jam, with the theme, “Alone, Together.”

HaxeFlixel is a free, open source 2D game engine, give it a try!

Judges for this jam included HaxeFlixel regulars @squidly, @01010111, @GeoKureli @JoeCreates and @LarsiusPrime, along with myself.

Prize money was contributed by @squidly, @LarsiusPrime, @Ohmnivore, HaxeFlixel and NG.

Here are the winners!

1st: $350 - Drones 

@GeoKureli - A great showcase for HaxeFlixel. Really excited to see where the dev takes this.

@Squidly - Stylish, fun, and beautiful, Drones is an excellent showcase of Flixel's power when in the right hands. Amazing use of FlxParticle especially and filters. One of the things that I love about HaxeFlixel is how it can be used to prototype quickly but it's extendable enough that you can easily go all the way to a full release. I think the dev should go all the way with this one.

2nd: $250 - Past Persistence 

@01010111 - Playing Past Persistence was a rollercoaster of tension. Having not read the description, I had no idea what to expect. The intensity ramped up quickly and I was overrun. Suddenly I was starting over with my ghost-turret. That alone was a great experience, but the added tension of the curse kept me on my seat nearly throughout the game. It was only near the end that the first several waves of skeletons felt skippable. This ebb and flow of tension was the highlight of the jam for me!

@Squidly - The fact that this was made in a week while the dev was preoccupied with life things is astounding. This too is a game that has a lot of potential, but I'm more curious to see what else the dev can do with HaxeFlixel.

@TomFulp - Past Persistence has one of the best hooks in the jam, where your past performance is rewarded with additional ghost firepower in the next round. There is a lot of room left to explore this concept and I’d love to see it expanded with situations that require the player to be more strategic with where they die.

3rd: $250 - A Heart Apart 

@JoeCreates - A Heart Apart is exceptionally polished, with beautiful effects, transitions, and minimal UI. It is also a unique take on the theme, given that the game can be played solo or cooperatively. The latter is not necessarily easier, it turns out, as a failure to communicate may easily lead to your killing each other. Great fun!

@Squidly - Admittedly I played this as a single player game so it was a bit tricky to get the hang of, but I'm in love with this game's elegant design. The best use of an "inside the game" UI so far.

Benedict has elected to give half his prize to his musician and divide the other half among 4-8th, giving them each a boost that has now been added on to their totals!

4th: $175 - Reboot Resume Restore

@TomFulp - Reboot Resume Restore is a puzzle platformer with some novel ideas at play, such as being able to freeze your block in place and use it as a platform for another block. I enjoyed solving the various puzzles and the overall lonely mood of the game.

@Squidly - Despite its performance problems, this puzzler has some interesting ideas that I'm a fan of. It also features an effective use of Flixel effects as well as extension libraries like zerolib (check out the improved dolly camera in that lib) that ought to get more love.

5th: $125 - Heartship 

@TomFulp - Heartship is a fun take on the jam theme, as you can literally split yourself in half. It explores the mechanic in various ways, such as using your second half as a decoy for shield enemies, using both halves to push double buttons or splitting to confuse laser targeting fish. Some of the random spawns are punishing but Heartship is a solid game with cool ideas!

@Squidly - Very ambitious for a jam game, and I respect that. One of the things I consider the mark of a true game designer is the ability to "finish" a game and I stress people do that with their jam games. Heartship has multiple levels, replayability, multiple difficulty modes, and a proper ending. This is in every respect a complete game and that's something to be proud of.

6th: $125 - Quarantino 

@Squidly - I really like the fact that the mechanic in this game is so simple and it works. I can easily see this being used as an educational tool, it reminds me of simulations you can find on certain online Newspapers, but the fact that it's so interactive I think hammers the point home, especially with the graphs at the end of each level. Stay inside, people! As the last level shows, sometimes you can't even see the virus until it's too late!

7th: $75 - Decryption

@Squidly - This one legit made me cry. It's a simple game, but it speaks to me personally as a person who used to play MMOs. The writer for this really did capture that feeling extremely well, and I couldn't help but feel an overwhelming loneliness while playing this. It's an abstract kind of feeling, and one uniquely of our era.

@GeoKureli - Best atmosphere of any game in the jam. It brings me back to my childhood when I would get to know people on places like Newgrounds and wonder what it would be like if we met in real life but being too afraid to do it.

@TomFulp’s Son - Gato Roboto lets you shoot enemies and it has a map.

8th: $75 - SweetCrush

@Squidly - I'm not too fond of jumpscares so I took the safe route on this one. What I think made this game unique is that it showed a lot of effort in its premise in that there was that second layer of 4th wall breaking interactivity. Sure it leans a little too hard on DDLC's inspiration, but I think the creator here does craft their own thing and it works. I can't wait to see what else they can do.

Thank you @squidly, @01010111, @GeoKureli @JoeCreates and @LarsiusPrime for your work in the judging process! This was a tough jam to judge, with lots of variety among individual favorites.

Other games that came up in our top eight lists included Mayor Outbreak, Convergence, No No Solo, Creep Away, Party Land, Ghost House, Bass Master Online, Gatherer, Together Alone - The RPG and Threads.

We enjoyed playing all of your games and seeing how each of you explored the “Alone, Together” theme. @Squidly will also be leaving longer reviews on each individual entry.

Thank you everyone who entered and we hope you all go on to make more great games with HaxeFlixel!


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As Tom said I've written a review for every single game in the jam, I'll be posting them all on each game shortly so check your reviews c:

I also wanna shout out Bass Master Online for its amazing technical leap. austineast is always pushing what Flixel can do and I think he really proved anything is possible in Flixel. Very much a Star Fox for SNES moment.

Another shout out to Creep Away for its excellent pixel art and beautifully done (and painful looking to program) context sensitive UI. You don't see that often, and that took some serious effort.

So yep, amazing jam, I really hope people keep using HaxeFlixel! It's truly an incredible engine and with the Haxe language you can put your games on practically everything that runs. These were all html5, but with a simple switch of a variable they could've been Flash, iOS, Android, Desktop (Windows/Linux/Mac,) or pretty much anything, and you *don't* need a plugin or complicated VM like Unity does, saving your game some serious performance. I'm using it to port Renaine to Switch (thanks to @LarsiusPrime and co's incredible work) and I know @BrandyBuizel has as well with his projects - it's really that powerful!

Response to HaxeFlixel Game Jam Winners! 2020-05-04 13:12:46

Congrats to the winners and excellent work on all the games that were submitted! It was super fun playing through all of them :)

big moneyyyyyyy congrats to all da winners, and thanks for the nice words about Decryption boys, especially insightful words from Tom's son.

hopin to see more HF jams hehehe


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Response to HaxeFlixel Game Jam Winners! 2020-05-04 13:57:55

I'm really blown away by the overall quality and quantity that we saw here. So many visually and technically astounding games were submitted! On behalf of the HaxeFlixel community I hope you all had a great time using the engine and look forward to your future projects. I really hope many of the participants continue developing these projects. Games like Drones, HeartShip, Past Persistence, Reboot Resume Restore and Mayor Outbreak have so much potential and many others are so close to feeling amazingly complete and polished.

I'm really glad to have been a part of this, and if anyone needs help in the future feel to hit me up on either the Haxe Discord, or wherever you can find me.

Response to HaxeFlixel Game Jam Winners! 2020-05-04 14:37:31

Congrats to all the winners! Some great games here, really shows the potential of HaxeFlixel, and the quality of the devs.

It was really fun to participate, hope to see more HaxeFlixel events like this soon.

I was even hesitant to participate in the beginning.

All this is seriously encouraging.

I love jams that involve the use of a specific engine, because I want to show myself that I'm able to create an idea regardless of the technology used.

It was a pleasure to get my hands on HaxeFlixel: an opportunity to learn something new.

Really happy with the feedback received and for the final result of the jam.

Before 2018, I didn't even believe there was a site where people worked more than algorithms.

And probably if it wasn't for Newgrounds, I wouldn't be here to continue making games, as I have no other way to get feedback from users.

Thanks to the judges for giving me constructive criticism and the opportunity to improve myself for the future.

Response to HaxeFlixel Game Jam Winners! 2020-05-04 14:52:03

blows my mind what people can put together in a month


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Response to HaxeFlixel Game Jam Winners! 2020-05-04 14:52:43

Wow, thank you so much!! I had a lot of fun participating in this jam, and even more fun playing all the submitted games! Everyone did a fantastic job here and it’s an honor to have placed!

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Response to HaxeFlixel Game Jam Winners! 2020-05-04 15:44:58

Thank you for the opportunity. It was real fun be in here again.

Response to HaxeFlixel Game Jam Winners! 2020-05-04 15:52:32

Wow! On cloud9 atm, very honoured to get 3rd! Making a heart apart was way more work than I excpected, but not because of HaxeFlixel, mostly because I got to do highschool trig again for the first time in... many years. HaxeFlixel itself is a solid framework with a mature set of extensions etc, would definitely consider using it again in the future :) I think il write a short blogpost about how the game works etc if people are interested / open source the code because why not.

Really loved reading all the reviews & super happy I came back to making web games for this. Look forward to some more things from me soon!

Also want to shout out to https://yhtflkc.newgrounds.com/ for making his music open for anyone to use on web games etc. The game is way better because of his tunes!

Response to HaxeFlixel Game Jam Winners! 2020-05-04 16:57:39

At 5/4/20 01:00 PM, TomFulp wrote: @TomFulp’s Son - Gato Roboto lets you shoot enemies and it has a map.

I'm sold!

Response to HaxeFlixel Game Jam Winners! 2020-05-04 19:40:34

Congrats to all the winners! I would have never played around with HaxeFlixel if it weren't for the jam, and thanks for the feedback.

Congrats everyone! I had lots of fun learning Haxe and Flixel. This was also my first time game jam, always wanted to try but never had too much time, got really good constructive feedback, the Newgrounds community is really engaging.

Also 2nd place is way beyond what I was hoping, so much good stuff on the jam, I'm really honored.

Thanks for all the reviews! I also wanted to say something else but I forgot what it was, so... banana.

Response to HaxeFlixel Game Jam Winners! 2020-05-05 00:26:33

I was checking out the submissions and I recognized some music on "Drones" :) Stoked to see this music pack in use. Grats to all the winners!

Response to HaxeFlixel Game Jam Winners! 2020-05-05 00:53:35

These month-long game jams really bring out some quality games, and I feel your comments about this one being hard to judge -- I've got much respect for Ghost House, Threads, and Creep Away as well as those that ultimately took the winning spots. Thanks for hosting; it was a lot of fun for me to pick up a new game engine in a new language.

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Response to HaxeFlixel Game Jam Winners! 2020-05-05 01:39:39

At 5/5/20 12:26 AM, ZStriefel wrote: I was checking out the submissions and I recognized some music on "Drones" :) Stoked to see this music pack in use. Grats to all the winners!

Hey, great music pack, really. High quality stuff.

I should def credit you in the game.

Response to HaxeFlixel Game Jam Winners! 2020-05-05 08:02:30

Well done, everybody! Some fantastic entries!

Response to HaxeFlixel Game Jam Winners! 2020-05-05 09:01:11

Congrats to all the winners!!!

Response to HaxeFlixel Game Jam Winners! 2020-05-05 09:27:47

Such a thorough judgment process this time too!

Congrats to the winners!

The latest: Hexa #69 (Jun)

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Response to HaxeFlixel Game Jam Winners! 2020-05-05 13:13:56

congrats to all the winners and everyone who participated! we really showed off the diverse types of games you can make with HaxeFlixel, and I'm super proud of the community for really flexing their creative muscles this jam

Response to HaxeFlixel Game Jam Winners! 2020-05-05 15:29:03

A lot of great games were made and I'm glad people are enjoying them. This was my first time using HaxeFlixel, but it was definitely fun learning to use it. Funny when I have an urge to come back here, in a year or two, to Newgrounds to watch something, I always find something else interesting. I blame Tom for continuing to tread new grounds (yes pun intended, but I'm glad he does).

Now I do wanna learn more features for it, experiment, master it, and see where it goes in the future when I have the time. Then drop it for something new to master (I can't help it, I really enjoy learning different programming languages or new engines).

Stay healthy ya'll.


Response to HaxeFlixel Game Jam Winners! 2020-05-05 16:38:39

Congratulations to all the winners and participants of this game jam! Mucho thanks also to Newgrounds for sponsoring, to the judges for judging and to all who threw money in the pot for the prizes!

This was really cool to participate in even though my friend and I are really just working on our first game and converted just the first phase of it to Flixel for this jam. Thanks so much for the feedback and the opportunity to participate in this jam. Hopefully there will be another Newgrounds game jam soon enough because we would love to submit another game or possibly a better phase of our first submission!

Response to HaxeFlixel Game Jam Winners! 2020-05-05 18:06:08

At 5/5/20 01:39 AM, filipp8 wrote:
At 5/5/20 12:26 AM, ZStriefel wrote: I was checking out the submissions and I recognized some music on "Drones" :) Stoked to see this music pack in use. Grats to all the winners!
Hey, great music pack, really. High quality stuff.
I should def credit you in the game.

Thank you so much! Not necessary but that would be cool! Thanks so much for getting and using the pack!

Response to HaxeFlixel Game Jam Winners! 2020-05-05 18:43:36

Congrats to all who participated! I had a ton of fun and loved the chance to dive back into haxeflixel.