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Together Alone - The RPG

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Author Comments

Hello everyone, Dreamveloper team is proud to present you TOGETHER ALONE !

Controls :

  • Arrow keys or controller arrows
  • X (keyboard) or A (controller) to interact
  • C (keyboard) or B (controller) to go back
  • Into the inventory, use Backspace to go back
  • Enter or Start button to open the menu

It should be good enough for you to play the game ;)

What is the game about :

The game set itself in a modern / "steampunkish" world where a dictature took the control over the country. One of the man which is a collaborator of that dictature is none or less than the General Palatin. And when the country was plagued by a terrible decease, that general will do everything to make sure that everyone stay home "for their safety" but mainly for keeping away... Well, finish the game and you'll know the end, no spoil here ;)

The guys behind that game :

  • HydroGene : Programming, and musics and scenario => He built the game ground, most of the GUI, the event system, the collisions stuff and he made all the musics in the game.
  • D3nX : Programming and graphics => He mainly focused his work on the battle scene, and he did draw all the arts inspiring himself from Final Fantasy and Shining Force.
  • Well... That's all :)

The development conditions :

Although we had a full month to build a game with the fantastic HaxeFlixel tool, our first two weeks were unproductive due to the fact that we are students and we've got a lot of stuff to do thanks to school. That factor mainly slowed us down, but there are many other factors that led the game to be done under 2 weeks and a half. Due to do that, even if our ambitions were at start quite big, we quickly didn't have enough time and the project was massively scaled down. Also, none of us are professional, we program since quite a few years, HydroGene make musics since a good time from now and D3nX is just learning pixel art seriously for few months only. All those reasons might explain why some parts of the game might be buggy or feel unfinished. We do really apologize for that and we really hope from the fond of our hearts that the game is still playable and enjoyable for you.

Thank you for reading and... have fun !

Some screenshots :



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mmm... como se juega no entiendo ingles

I like the style of the game but while getting through the story it just gets boring

It was fun but it was not as quite challenging. It is quite short for my liking. The story was good though. By the way Theresa was still playable at the last segment. Was that a glitch?

It's alright and I think it has a lot of potential, but it needs a lot more time in the oven before it can become something great, I think. A lot of the text has typos and grammatical mistakes in it which lead to the story not being taken seriously. The battle screen, while cool looking, goes too fast, lacks damage feedback/numbers when players or enemies are attacked, and lacks item/ability descriptions, making it frustrating to tell what's going on. Buttons are all over the place and inconsistent as well: why is the backspace button used for backing out of menus instead of the go back/cancel button? Also why does the menu not actually display the correct amount of health that the players have? And to top it all off, the first level is a sewer level, which is a cardinal sin of levels, haha (I'll allow it for this though). Would like to see more of this if these elements get ironed out.

It's sort of good. I understand you made this in a month so it's impressive but there is a couple of things that stopped me from enjoying this
-Chests only contains 3 types of items and reset each battle.
-Since none of the ennemy give you XP there is no level a 100% chance to flee all battles against non boss characters, there is no point in even trying to fight.

i still appreciate the technical difficulty of realising a game this fast though.

Credits & Info

3.10 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2020
6:22 PM EDT