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Ghost House

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Level 1 100% 5 Points

Killed all enemies on level 1

Level 2 100% 5 Points

Killed all enemies on level 2

Level 3 100% 10 Points

Killed all enemies on level 3

Level 4 100% 10 Points

Killed all enemies on level 4 and found the secret entrance

Level 5 100% 10 Points

Killed all enemies on level 5 and found the secret entrance

Level 6 100% 25 Points

Killed all enemies on level 6

Level 7 100% 50 Points

Killed all enemies on level 7

Level 8 100% 50 Points

Killed all enemies on level 8

Level 9 100% 50 Points

Killed all enemies on level 9

100% all levels 100 Points

Beat the boss and found all the secrets

Game complete 100 Points

Defeated the final boss

Author Comments

Controls: WASD/arrow keys, left click an area to shoot.

Collect energy cells to shoot more frequently and to move faster.

Try to get into those sealed off areas...

Credits to Xarya13 who made all those satisfying noises you hear and DieswYx for his original soundtrack

04/05 update: Tweaked local saving so medals will unlock if you have met the requirements but got logged out for whatever reason (you will have to 100% those levels again if you have already done so before this update, sorry about this ;-;)

Noticed some users were not receiving the medal for getting all medals so I added more checks for it including one in the menu. If you haven't gotten the big one yet, but have unlocked all the others, boot up the game while logged in and it should now unlock.

After a chat with GeoKureli, I have done major reworks to the API code so that you should not get logged out during your gameplay anymore.

01/05 update: local saves implemented, medals unlockable

I've noticed some framerate issues after playing the game in Chrome, and other Chrome users are reporting strange issues with this game. If you are having troubles try Firefox or Brave. Sorry Chrome users. :(

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me gusta

To be honest, it's a cool game. I really enjoyed it. Though, I think I'm just stupid, cause I couldn't find out how to finish level two. Other than that, it's great.

Could've used a bit better use of color in the pixel art as things are clashing quite hard. Overall simple but a very solid attempt for a jam game. There's a lot of moving parts to this one and it's great that you were able to put em' all together!

Good game, but with several flaws:
1. After I finished level 8 the game disconnected from NG, so the medal did not unlock;
2. Reloading the game did nothing, so I had to replay level 8...
3. ...but with no ammunition I collected on the previous level, so the button "save and exit" is kinda lying;
4. I presume that the game is also not storing data whether the player completed a level with 100% or with all secrets found, so adding the disconnection problem getting the 100% all levels can be a pain - or a matter of luck.

voter96 responds:

Fair enough, I'll fix it

Good gameplay. improve the pixel art with a contrasting color palette and the same with the menu and pop up windows too. Keep it up the good work!

Credits & Info

3.28 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2020
9:37 PM EDT
  • HaxeFlixel
  • Visual Studio Code