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Creep Away

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Author Comments

A game made in 2 weeks for the HaxeFlixel Game Jam!

How to play:

Creep Away is a puzzle game where you must keep units away from each other, so they don't possess other units with their spirit.

Spectral Social Distancing! ^_^

Stay alive for the required number of rounds and win the level!

Each Round has 3 Phases:

  1. Resident - Opponent Moves all resident units (units outlined in red)
  2. Agents - Player must move all player units (units outlined in blue)
  3. Haunting:
  • All Enemies will emit a spirit to any space within [3] spirit cost.
  • If there is more than 1 player unit, all player units will emit a spirit to any space within [3] spirit cost.
  • If any player unit is hit by another Resident unit's or Player unit's Spirit, you fail the level >.<

*Note, see the in-game HUD for details on units, and spaces. Some spaces affect unit movement, some affect spirits. Some effect both!

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not to bad I like it the tutorial was a bit confusing though

Not too shabby! I do like the gameplay and while I was initially a little confused by the tutorial info text dump, I was impressed at the attention of detail you've given to the HUD and UI elements, as well as general presentation, since it really allows the player to soak in the mechanics and learn everything in a visual way. That being said, I did dislike how despite being able to hover over a player to see how far they can move, you can't also see how far their attack/spirits can spread as well like how games like Fire Emblem do. Also, I felt like the game was really slow: instead of being short and sweet puzzles, it was long, tedious chase sequences where you need to keep waiting and waiting for way too many turns, watching the enemies move and their spirits spread in, and out, several times. When I lost, I couldn't convince myself to continue because I would have to wait for so long to finish a level. Basically, I just felt like the difficulty spiked too early and levels go on too long, but otherwise, the game seems very well put together.

drewby-games responds:

Thanks for playing, and i appreciate such a well written review/cricism. Totally agree that levels are too long and the game is too slow. adding spirit on hover when not moving them makes a lot of sense too! Id love to have levels as short and interesting as Into the Breach, for example.

I hope to continue to work on the level design, speed, and difficulty in the future!

bugged. The girl who moves like a horse in chess can be on top of the enemy and then game freezes when move action happens.

drewby-games responds:

thanks for playing. I'll fix the bug soon, but its pretty minor.

I really like the gameplay of it, and the overall premise of distancing from the spirits. But good god, House 5 spikes in difficulty to where you have to be very careful on what move you shoot for. It was so much more difficult than the remaining two houses after that. It's a pretty fun game overall though.

As someone who really hates programming UI, I really like that you went all out programming UI. Overall aesthetics and thought behind this game are really nice, the units are fun though I wish more levels let you use different ones rather than just Normie for most of them.

I think this game could've used a sharper focus in terms of round length. If it was 3 rounds max and had more tighter puzzles it'd go pretty far. A good example of this sort of Advance Wars like puzzling is Wargroove which has some excellent 1 turn puzzles worth looking into. Really I like what this game is, and if it was more focused it'd be absolute gold. This is definitely one of those "I think you should continue to develop this" sort of games, because it has a lot of potential, especially on something like mobile (which HaxeFlixel easily ports to!)

drewby-games responds:

Hey, Thanks a lot for your thoughts! I'd love to have tight puzzles like Into The Breach or Wargroove. That's defs a goal for future improvements/changes to level/unit/terrain design :)

I plan to keep working on it! cheers!

Credits & Info

3.26 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2020
6:32 AM EDT