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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!


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  1. Shoot drones carrying white boxes
  2. Collect white boxes
  3. Unload collected boxes into the energy area
  4. Gain $$$
  5. When you die, spend $$$ to buy upgrades
  6. Repeat

Pro tip: cash is reset from one run to another so be sure to spend all your hard earned money in upgrades

Pro tip 2: energy depletes on its own (other than when you are hit) so keep an eye on it and recharge often



Earth 2020.

A pandemic outbreak has forced humanity to take refuge in the safety of its home and drones are responsible for home delivery of basic and non-essential goods.

Conspiracy theories indicate that the same large corporations operating these drones are responsible for the pandemic.

A small faction is trying to counter the corporate power by using rogue drones to steal their deliveries and thus break the chain.

Resist. You Are (Not) Alone.



  • water graphics
  • menu redesign
  • ingame hints
  • music and sfx
  • gunshot trails
  • new enemy type
  • tweak store prices


  • savegame
  • audio menu freeze


Keyboard + Mouse controls

WASD move drone

E change weapon

F toggle fullscreen

ESC pause/credits/reset

Mouse aim and fire

J or G activate Gamepad

K set Keyboard + Mouse controls


Gamepad controls (dual stick)

Left Stick move drone

Right Stick aim

Right Shoulder/Trigger fire

Left Shoulder/Trigger change weapon

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I love the design, the game is fun!

This is a really good game, I love the retro atmosphere. The controls are great too and I love the game play.

this is amazing!
it would be extremely good if worked on more and more was added (new levels, weapons, etc.)
I really like the style and sound/music design to.

Awesome game! I love the retro aesthetics and the music sounds like something right out of an anime, haha. If you plan on working on this game in the future, I would suggest adding diversity in upgrades like movement speed and health. Additionally, maybe add an incentive to shoot other drones that aren't carrying the box, like giving you energy back. Other than that, a lovely experience; you gained yourself a new follower!

Cool music, Cool background. The concept itself is not bad as well, the shooting and dodging is fun. But the game is not well balanced: Sometimes you fly around seeing no one, and the next moment, all enemies attack you at once. Same with the white packages – sometimes you find loads of them, sometimes none. And the resetting of the money: Is that really necessary..? Also, there is no real objective in the game, just collect money and get stronger. That makes it pointless to play, at least for me.

But still, the general concept is fun – could potentially lead to a cool game :-)