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AIM 2020 Submissions Thread!

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Hello everyone and welcome to the 7th annual Art-Inspired Music Contest! I’m excited to be the organizer for this compo for the second time. This thread marks the official start of the contest, and you’ll find all the details on how to enter, the rules and more below!

Please note: this thread is for SUBMISSIONS only. DO NOT post in this thread to ask questions or make comments! A separate discussions thread will be designated for any non-submission related posts. 


Entries will be accepted from Friday April 17, 2020 (ie. when this thread was posted) up until Monday, June 22, 2020 at 11:59 pm PST. 

Following this will be a period for our judges to evaluate the entries. 



Prizes this year are TBA, sorry. :( Our prize coordinator @SplatterDash will be posting in this thread at some point during the submissions period to let you know what the prizes are exactly. That being said, I can mention how the prizes are distributed. 

The judges will determine a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner, along with 17 runnerups for a total of 20 winners (21 including the fan favourite - see following section). The winners’ entries will be compiled into an AIM 2020 compilation album. See past AIM albums here!


Fan Favorite:

During the judging phase, people can vote for their favorite song submission. The winning song with the most votes will end up on the contest album and may also receive one of the TBA prizes! This voting will be done through an additional “Fan Favourite” thread which will be linked in this thread when it is posted. 



1) You pick a single piece of artwork in the Art Portal from a Newgrounds artist you really appreciate (make sure to give them credit, message them when you're done).


2) Create a song inspired by that art and submit it by posting the link on this thread before the deadline, also post the link to the picture that inspired it as well, also give the name of the picture and artist!



The judges this year are:





And yours truly. ;)



Please read over the rules BEFORE you submit your submission(s), come back to read them again to make sure you're following all the rules here! Some people haven't in past years. Never hurts to double-check! :)


1): Make sure you're familiar with the Audio Portal rules in the FAQ. Read here: http://www.newgrounds.com/wiki/help-information/terms-of-use/audio-guidelines


2): ONLY post song submissions here (unless it's one of the judges with an update). Casual chatting and questions go in the Discussion Thread (to be posted below when it is made).


3): You must be at least 13 or over to enter.


4): Explicit content IS allowed music-wise, but the artwork that inspired you can't be A-rated (E, T, and M rated art is allowed).


5): No covers or remixes, only new original entries are accepted. No pre-recorded lyrics from vocal packs either.


6): Don't start writing your song until the beginning of the contest (day this was posted). Songs that were started or submitted before the start date will not be accepted. We do encourage you to PLEASE take your time and don't hurry your song, this is a challenge after all! :)


7): You can enter up to 2 songs this year.


8): Your song must be between 3-6 minutes (or at least close enough, we're reasonable).


9): In the front of the song title, write AIM (example: AIM - Strawberries), it helps speed up the judging process. Also, tag your song with AIM2020 in the tags!


10): Submit your song(s) on Newgrounds (uploaded to an NG account here only) by the official deadline: June 22, 2020 to this forum thread.


11): You can work with anyone, whether it be a singer, producer, etc. Bands are allowed, too! If they have an NG account, tag them in the project system, or if not, credit them in the description of your song(s)! Keep in mind, only one person gets the prize (unless it can be split equal ways).


12): You must be a scouted artist. This is for anti-fraud purposes.


13): If you're unsure of ANYTHING not listed (or have questions about what has been stated) in the rules, feel free to ask us questions in the discussion thread!


Lastly, this is not a rule, but more of a guideline. Music with a “melodic structure” is preferred. I realize this is quite open to interpretation, but you generally want to think about melodies, chords and structure/form. Soundscape pieces, while I won’t completely disallow them, tend to not be what this contest is for. You are free to incorporate soundscapes into a melodic work, but a soundscape piece alone is generally discouraged.


This year’s promo and cover art is done by Frostyflytrap. Thanks for doing the art again. :)


Response to AIM 2020 Submissions Thread! 2020-04-17 03:34:03

The discussions thread is now live! Go HERE to post your questions and comments!

What doesn't kill you makes you gain EXP :)))

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Response to AIM 2020 Submissions Thread! 2020-04-21 01:28:28

Finished my submission! Here it be: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/928134

Art it was based off of: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/gugo78/space

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Response to AIM 2020 Submissions Thread! 2020-04-22 14:56:05

Response to AIM 2020 Submissions Thread! 2020-04-22 16:48:39

At 4/22/20 04:41 PM, jojotully wrote: I've been working on a track, but I'm not so sure I can extend it any longer without just making it repetitive. lol

Hopefully I come up with something to make it longer. If not, I'll just probably upload it separate from the contest. Whatever.

Please use the Discussions thread to leave comments. This thread is for submissions only (and updates regarding the status of the contest, to only be given out by myself and any other user whom I give permission to, like SplatterDash for the prizes).

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Response to AIM 2020 Submissions Thread! 2020-05-02 15:42:43

Hey everyone, happy May! I wanted to update this thread with a couple of announcements.


Firstly, I have a playlist of all the approved AIM 2020 submissions. This will make it easier to listen to all the submissions in succession, and also lets you know which entries have been approved. It will be updated usually within a day or two after a new submission is posted. If not, it may have been disqualified for not following the rules in the original post. That or I might have slipped and made an error. Let me know in the discussions thread or DM me if this is the case. Also, let me know if I approved a submission that should not have been approved. I've messed up before. 😳

Last year, the most common reason for entries being disqualified was that they fell well below the 3-6 minute range. I try to be lenient, but some instances can be debatable. I haven't had to disqualify any submissions yet, but if you want to be absolutely safe, get within that 3-6 minute range and make sure your submission follows the rules!


I'm happy to announce that the 1st place winner of AIM will have a text-based interview with @The-Great-One on The Interviewer! Thank you for offering this prize!


Stay safe, everyone, and happy composing!

Response to AIM 2020 Submissions Thread! 2020-05-02 22:16:27

I've made a track for the contest! It's definitely more experimental, but I think it still sounds pretty good.

Here's the art as well:

This is a signature. Aren't I creative?

My second entry for AIM 2020:

Inspired by this beautiful painting by Ookiee:

Don't be afraid to immerse yourself.

Have a safe trip. ;)

Response to AIM 2020 Submissions Thread! 2020-05-06 23:35:59

Don't know how this turned out but here, I worked on this for quite some time, I never entered in any contest either, so this is my first time:

Response to AIM 2020 Submissions Thread! 2020-05-08 16:16:23

Hi everyone! Firstly, I'd like to apologize that I myself haven't mentioned anything thus far. The reason I've waited so long is because I reached out to some people for prizes in AIM (as well as NGADM and NGUAC). Sadly, most of them didn't respond, but one did!

I'm happy to announce Versilian Studios is back as a sponsor for AIM! Like last year, there will be flash drives delivered to everyone included on the album (which is the top 20 and the Fan Favorite), and these are going to be custom AIM drives, like last year's.

In addition, @Ectisity has offered to give first place a license for Native Instruments' Session Brass, which is used with Kontact (either the free Player or the full version can use it).

So far, this means that all 20 winners and the Fan Favorite receive placement on the 2020 AIM album, a game from @ninjamuffin99 , and a flash drive containing the album. First place also receives an interview with @TheInterviewer and a license for Session Brass fron Ectisity.

I will keep you all posted if anything is added to the prize pool, but this is for now the official prize list.

hi, I do things that make sounds and put them on this site, you can check out my stuff if you want.

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Response to AIM 2020 Submissions Thread! 2020-05-09 03:08:21

Submission for AIM 2020:

  • Unpublished Submission

The art:

Response to AIM 2020 Submissions Thread! 2020-05-10 04:07:35

Imma try my best


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Response to AIM 2020 Submissions Thread! 2020-05-10 05:03:53

At 5/10/20 04:07 AM, TheRansomLatte wrote: Imma try my best

Please use the discussion thread for commentary. This is not the thread for it.