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Un petit morceau in A minor

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For piano solo with added strings. Higher quality version of all my music on my myspace

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I this a variation on Ryuichi Sakamoto's Energy Flow?

I have been listening to this for about 4 years as study music (looped). Just wanted to thank you.


My favorite compose of yours, I can remember when this first came out (over a year ago at that). As a long time fan of your music, I couldn't just let this submission slide. Mostly due to the extremely low amount of reviews you get; your music is fantastic, yet you only get about sixteen to fifty reviews in each submission (though I'm sure a few submissions from you are higher in reviews). So.

It sounds more of a depressive song, yet then in the end it turns out happily, with a small cheer of joy. In regards, Classical with a dark twist is probably one of the actual few genres that I listen to, yet still moves me in a way that my regular music tastes do. Do you really need the long pause at the end though? Great job; see you again soon, and have fun in the future!

- HydraliskElite

That's good

Man , This is a piece of beautiful music , looking forward to more of your good work.



(also: higher quality on myspace, though? I doubt that, the myspace player sucks balls.)