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Reviews for "Un petit morceau in A minor"


Am i listening to a real piano or something done in fruity loops or something? Ether way that was amazing it really is emotional in a good way.

You should be writing songs for games like kingdom hearts or final fantasy this is really good work, very profsional sounding.



The thing that divides a "good" song, a "well played" song and an "emotionally moving" song is dynamics and its use. My friend you have done an excellent job, and it is your use of dynamics that provokes the emotion that the other reviewers talk about, I know it seems so simple, but a light piano followed buy a forte staccato can make a world of difference.

With All My Respect

Another Great Piece!

I really like this song. Makes me think about happy dreams. Simple, yet powerful...to me anyways. I think that I'm going to download this one and put it onto a CD. Hope that you dont mind.

Holy........ dam

Even for someone as bitter as me this almost got me to tear great job. That piano is very no beyond moving man but it is somewhat fuzzy but still dont care about that this is wow probably the best song with a piano alone i've heard here on newgrounds.


My only word for this...