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Reviews for "Un petit morceau in A minor"

Very rarely hear on NG :)

This, I believe the piano part is a recording (I think :p), I can tell by the slight fuzziness, not that the fuzziness is bad thing, but it really helps with the romantic atmosphere in this piece (kind of like grainy film)

If you played this on piano, I truly congratulate you, and this type of songs are rarely found on on NG evar :) and I mean it. For some reason, when I listen to this, I imagine french people.




Winterwind-NS responds:

haha thanks for the review
yeah fuzziness is jus me refusing to focus too much on the audio quality of it so i can compose better lol
and yeah its me playing


Sorry for the late review i promised. The fucking innernenet had some trouble.

Before i begin the review itself, i would like to point the title of the song. Really caught my eye. Aye, seeing french text on an american site is really troubling, lol!

Well, on to the review, now, shall we?

The first notes really made me dream, even for an instant. At least 6 seconds, the reverbed arpegios (or whatever they're called) really were like an "invitation" to dream. Well, maybe i sound crazy, but that's what i feel deep in myself.

After these notes, The song becomes more intense, as if the decor around was beginning to appear slowly.

And then, when the pizzicatos strings come in, i feel like that decor suddenly disappeared.

And, then end, the classical of finishing a song with arpegios, decrescendo, and ritarlando (can't remember how it's written). Altough the last pizz notes were useless, to me.

Well, i think i said it all. Astonishing work! I'll give a 5 and my blessings, lol!

Winterwind-NS responds:

"Altough the last pizz notes were useless, to me."

:( I didnt... haha its cool

thanks for the review, the 5, and your blessings :)

Very very VERY nice work!

Perfect - No complaints or suggestions whatsoever.

Beauty in simplicity I suppose.

This is an absolutely terrific track and you've definitely done your part to raise the bar a bit.

This is worth a vote of 6, but there's no button for that, so a 5 it is.

MUCH respect to you!

Winterwind-NS responds:

thanks for the review and the pm
i only wished that more ppl would be able to enjoy this as much as u :)