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Reviews for "Un petit morceau in A minor"


REMINDS ME OF MY PAST.....................


This reminds me of some of the visual novels I've read, ie visual novels are diffrent from graphic novels. But great song, ten of ten and five of five! ^.^


This is so perfect! The loud and soft make it interesting and it never gets boring to listen to! I love this! Love it!

This is so beautiful!

I didn't think of it before, but definitely don't think it's fair to compare to Joe Hisaishi - he composes for orchestra and bands, so his stuff is very complicated. Joe Hisaishi happens to be my favourite composer ever, but this aside, in Newgrounds, Winterwind is my favourite composer haha.

This definitely has so much potential. I would really love to see more of your classical pieces! :) Not my style to fangirl like that but it's so niceeeeeeeeeeeee <3 Loved the small interlude there, def has Hisaishi feel. This might fit well with 'Spirited Away' movie scenes :)


starts like resident evil "save room" theme, but them you became so soft and romantic :)

I love it ! seriously ! 10/10 - 5/5