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Reviews for "Un petit morceau in A minor"


Am i listening to a real piano or something done in fruity loops or something? Ether way that was amazing it really is emotional in a good way.

You should be writing songs for games like kingdom hearts or final fantasy this is really good work, very profsional sounding.

wow !!!

at the end of the day i found this ... really changed my mood ...
perfection in the shape of a 3:02 min. song

piano sound VERY good (btw, what you use?)


This is a really gorgeous piece of music. For some reason, it reminds me a great deal of some music from Chrono Trigger (the music from the End of Time, perhaps?) Anyway, this has earned a spot on my favorites list. I'd love to find a way to work this into a game. ;)


This reminds me of some of the visual novels I've read, ie visual novels are diffrent from graphic novels. But great song, ten of ten and five of five! ^.^

That's good

Man , This is a piece of beautiful music , looking forward to more of your good work.