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Recommended Browsers: Chrome or Firefox on Windows.

IMPORTANT - to ensure that the game can save properly, please increase the size of your browser's cache to a very high number.


A mysterious girl by the name of Nisha and her humanoid pets have attacked the Administrator Palace and stole the artifacts that could alter Samsara, the wheel of life. It is now up to you to stop them.

You play as an Asura by the name of Aqua, who has the ability to multiply, breath fire with two heads and brawl her opponents to oblivion.



Arrow keys - move around
SHIFT - jump
Z,Z,Z... - combo attack (can be upgraded to 7 combo)
Z,X - creates a clone that launches enemies into the air
Z,Z,X - creates a clone that steps forward and breaks enemy's shield, launches enemies to your back.
Z,Z,Z,X - creates an explosion.
Hold down, then Z - breath fire with 2 heads.

Double tap left or right - "Doppel Dasher". Dodge invincibly. If you are attacking and you dodge, you will move away with the direction pressed and leave an attacking clone continuing the leftover combo. Dodging can be executed at any time. It is useful to instantly cancel your attacking animation and have your clone continuing the combo on your behalf. (If you want more clones at once, you can upgrade at the Light House.)

Press ESC to pause the game and see the list of combo available to you. Further explanation is available in the Light House's Skill Showroom.

Configuration can be changed in the pause menu.

To skip the scenes and dialogues, hold SHIFT+X.


There are 70 Life Gems (MAX HP+5 each) and 40 Skill Gems in the whole game and 6 special abilities that must be picked up in total. Skill Gems can be used to upgrade Clone Arts and Doppel Dasher at Light House.

Difficulty: on hard, you take a lot more damage, and the cost for upgrading Clone Arts and Doppel Dasher are a lot more expensive.

Current Version: 1.2 (http://twinblazar.newgrounds.com/news/post/937513)

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This game is truly a masterpiece.The peaceful soundtracks,the tension,the lessons,all very well played.Gameplay was challenging,and the animations were smoth and fun to watch.
I hope you could make a sequel,so we could fight agaiinst caiman bosses.Congratulations my friend

TwinBlazar responds:

Arigatougozaimashita for your comment. :)

I haven't played it for quite some time. Sky Chasm is fuhking hell my man, all those little devils with forks and knives are fuhking insane and also, what am I supposed to do at that part where you need to jump high and the parts are numbered ? I am really stuck .

TwinBlazar responds:


Sorry that I haven't responded for such a long time.

You could breath fire at those little devils (Little Cleo & Patra) from far away or use the "Hovering Hatchery Hive" ability to instantly wipe majority of them out. Or bait them with your melee clones. They only have 1 HP.

Not sure if you have solved the "high jump" segment yet, but if not...


For the high jump part, you need to go to "shaft 4" and destroy the treasure chest to lift a gate to the exit of this room. Then, proceed to "shaft 2" and you should be on your way to the exit. Note though that this room got a few gems so you may wanna explore around a bit.


Thank you. :)

i like it but can some tell me where lightning lead liger and twins two twister are ?

TwinBlazar responds:


Lightning Lead Liger is given in the last stage of the game, while Twins Two Twister is in the Light House. In the Skill Showroom of the Light House, see those gems on the upper right part of the room? That's where Twins Two Twister is. You need to use Mirror Muse Mover and high jump in order to get it.

If you still can't figure how to get Twins Two Twister, feel free PM me for further assistance. :)

Honestly, I haven't finished the game yet due to problems concerning the internet connection but it really is an interesting and great game for me but I badly wanna complete this game so I might request for a downloadable version. Please sir, I need a downloadable version of this for the art, story, music and the gameplay is amazing. The combos are good enough to be performed. I am looking forward to more of your work sir, thanks for this game and keep up the great work. :D Also, I will wait for a downloadable version, I hope that you would consider it.

TwinBlazar responds:

Hello, sorry for the Internet connection problems you have encountered. For downloadable version, I will see what I can do. In case you didn't know, I want to work on my next game Sai Amp Mitch and I am now collecting for some more better ideas right now.

And thank you for your comment. :)

I have lots to say about this game, so it's going to be a long one.

After playing the entirety of Dimentia, I saw several lessons implemented into each level, the biggest one being about breaking the cycle of negativity with positivity. If it's true that the ones that ended up in Hell are at fault for their own sentence, then it's up to them to find the strength within themselves to drive away the darkness within themselves using light, using love to drive out hatred, charity to drive away greed, and wisdom to help them stay on the right path.

But that's not the only lesson. The ordeal with Caiman taught me that coders have lives just as much as everyone else, just like music artists and architects. To say that they should only live to work and not enjoy life would be treating them like robots, disrespectful and disregarding. Then there's the bullshitting god (as I call him), where accepting gratuitous amounts of punishment is not the same as redemption. If one truly wishes to make up for what they have done, it's better to fix what they damaged and promise to do good things in the future rather than damaging oneself to even the misery. No one wants even misery. And finally with the sky raid with Cleo and Petra, there's actually two lessons. The first is when choosing sides in a battle, one must see both sides of the spectrum to truly understand the reason for the fighting. And second, no amount of treasure no matter how valuable is worth more than the lives of others. Think about how you would feel if someone you trusted chose material goods over your life.

I'm a little saddened about rescuing pigs or collecting treasure. Not saying you did anything wrong, but I was led to believe that you could have multiple endings after you completed the sky raid and spoken with the pigs. Even after only rescuing the pigs to bring hope in one attempt and only collecting treasure to appease them in another, I still get the same result. It's rather disappointing.

All and all, I feel that this simple brawler has dispensed more wisdom than an educational game, because it's story is just that diverse. This is one of those games that needed to be made and played. Thank you very much.

TwinBlazar responds:

Thank you for your comments. I appreciate it. :)

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3.83 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2015
9:14 AM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler