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Reviews for "Un petit morceau in A minor"


This is a really gorgeous piece of music. For some reason, it reminds me a great deal of some music from Chrono Trigger (the music from the End of Time, perhaps?) Anyway, this has earned a spot on my favorites list. I'd love to find a way to work this into a game. ;)

wow !!!

at the end of the day i found this ... really changed my mood ...
perfection in the shape of a 3:02 min. song

piano sound VERY good (btw, what you use?)

Bravo! You deserve it.

This is really surprising to see something like this on newgrounds. Surprising in a good way. This piece just says raw emotion all over it. From the the reminescent beginning with the bass to the way it was recorded with no bells and whistles attached. This I have to say excellent, I myself am a composer and it's hard for me to be impressed with today's music that has no soul put into it. This I must say, I most certainly love. I reminience of music of the a time past us. You have soul. Bravo.


My first 10. Loved it!

very nice.

a stellar piece. keep it up. :)