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NGHH'11 - Em-Hotep vs Self

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Newgrounds Hip Hop Competition 2011 - MC Knock Out Out Rahmemhotep vs Self: The Bluest Eye
Beat by teddygram

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Verse 1 - Rahmemhotep
Verse 2 - Self: The Bluest Eye
Verse 3 - Rahmemhotep
Verse 4 - Self: The Bluest Eye

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Verse 1 - Rahmemhotep

Fresh like out the dentist's but you won't see a grill here, it's real here, I'm Godzilla on the mic strikin' real fear into the heart and soul of every rapper and they out the door like, "Man, what you waitin' for? That's Em-Hotep up on the floor!" So what you bringin' to the table? Well it just don't matter cuz I'll kill it, straight up, like Cain did Abel. This kind of skill don't come in a pill or any mail order DVD box set, I'm only crackin' these simple rhymes cuz I ain't heard jack shit.

Verse 2 - Self: The Bluest Eye
I heard this cat spit and said i gotta rid of this,
as soon as i grab the mic, notice the quality difference,
on the real though, I heard you spit, and knew your frontin,
you rapping all fast and wild, but never really saying nothin,
you chose the wrong name, before meeting the beast,
you realize that Im-Hotep is a greeting of peace?
Yea right, stop actin like your hella tight,
tryna label yourself a god, your dumbass coulda spelled it right.

Verse 3 - Rahmemhotep
You might'a done the research but you don't understand; I'm a fucked up sucker and a two faced man. In the land of the faggot's where I'm lost, contradictions'll always cross with these artful expressions, of course you don't seem to know this and it sounds like your rhymes will go barely noticed, what? You confused? Cuz I'm totally sure you is. Go fuck yo "Self the bluest eye"? How that work when you got brown in the middle of your brain and why? You got shit head disease and I bet you are committin' suicide! If not, my lyrical noose up around yo neck got you prepared to die!

Verse 4 - Self: The Bluest Eye
Holy shit, I aint understand a damn thing,
Im suprised big red even let you in the ring,
Listen shorty, your gift is boring, you need to stop,
sounding like a wack E-40, when you flop,
you aint no MC, didnt even offend me,
your rhymes are like the beer beside me, cause there empty,
you labeled the file, "Self's Fail", and failed to even diss me,
told ya to stop once, but you even fail at listening,
I hate computer rappers, me and you, aint vibin,
Pshh, next round kid, and I aint even trying.

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Em-Hotep barely even said anything to address Self directly, even though he had decent lines. Seemed more like he was just reciting some old lines. On the other hand, most of Self's lines were actually DIRECTED at Em-Hotep.

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Mar 12, 2011
4:03 PM EST
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