Reviews for "NGHH'11 - Em-Hotep vs Self"

Self the Bluest

I read Hoteps review he left and considered what he said. I feel like I'm a pretty unbiased reviewer and I don't base things around stuff like "I just thought this guy was better." To me, Self won this battle and here's why. Showmanship goes to Hotep, hands down, and I'd even put that mark in his favor, along with complexity. But if you're going to extend verses out the way you did and throw that much echo on them in an audio battle, be prepared for people to say that they don't hit as hard, even if the lyrics are posted. YOU may know the lyrics, but you wrote them, so you can't expect others to understand when you add a heavily delayed echo and a background scream to a running line. You could do with some more gain to clarify your enunciation. Your sound quality may have lost you this battle.

In spite of this, I think it was a closer battle than the votes imply, and maybe that's what bothers Hotep. Other than the sound quality, I'd give rebuttals to Hotep and personal attacks to Self. The flows were apples and oranges, and both delivered well

I'm tired of people losing battles in this contest and then crying about it. Right now you've gotten 15 peoples opinion who may or may not be the best judges.
That's what you signed up for, deal with it.


I thought Rahmemhotep had a unique style and it was nice to hear something different. The first verse was cool but when the second came I really couldn't understand anything. I see the lyrics but if they weren't there i wouldn't know what he said. It sounded like there were 2 tracks on each other so the fact they both were recorded differently.. or if they were the same and offset by bit.. it just made everything sound garbled.

Self: The Bluest Eye was consistent and I could hear each word clearly.

I'm with Self: The Bluest Eye on this one.

Props to both of you.

Here's the thing

Being smart and taking on a battle like you are on the field with some muthafuckin' real soldiers is what I did here. I used strategy and behind the back style lyrics, I went on defense and on offense while Self just tried to attack with some shit he don't even know about, which I said in the rhyme but apparently people are too dumb to understand. Trying to be the most ingenious and most unique rapper is what rapping is all about, we're supposed to be poets while Self just tryin' to play like he a thug that dropped out of 3rd grade. It's people like that what give rappers a bad name. I've been rapping for years now and I've never had a battle where the other guy was so stupid he didn't understand anything I said. Fast rapping ain't about the other guy comprehending you, it's about getting more words into a small amount of time and y'all know that we didn't have very much time to do our parts.

Oh yeah and Self... I called myself a faggot in my second verse so seriously, where the fuck's your brain at? Maybe if you used it you'd get my words and if my words fly fast then why don't you just listen faster?

To wrap it up, I'm chill with losing. It just shows me that people are still stuck in the stone age and don't want to hear ingenuity when someone speaks. I'm not going to dumb down my rhymes to "win" a contest, but I did have fun and hope that Self actually starts going back to school some day.

Self to advance

Hotep drops some sick flow, lyrics and everything. Im really glad he participated and exposed himself to me on NG. Id like to hear some tracks!

Considering this is a battle knockout, Im giving the advance to Self. He just seemed more battle like and less making a track like; diss music at its finest.

This is prolly my favorite battle so far.


Thanks for the feed yall. peep the album my crew released a little while ago. (definitely plugging it) haha.