Reviews for "NGHH'11 - Em-Hotep vs Self"

Self- Winner

Wow for Rahmemhotep For his 2 versus " RWARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" then it ended. i did not understand any of it. Self i could understand and he had some good lines. Really i only hear his punches and he had a better flow just was a better battle for him. Both MC did great But Rahmemhotep Slow down and get your lines to hurt him not up your self up - Self Wins


I'ma be following this dude Self in this competition! Not bad at all! Its gonna be interesting to hear Self in the next round.

- P.


Even though I really liked what Rahmemhotep did, the echo in the second half of the third verse messed it up.

Good luck.


Definitely the better battle rapper. Made it sound live. Very dope westcoast track.

Self took this one

Self's delivery was on point, every word was pronounce properly and flow was always on.

Can't say any of the same for rahmemhoteph.
And his lyrics were wack too. Kinda seemed like a tech n9ne biter.