Reviews for "NGHH'11 - Em-Hotep vs Self"

tight shit

goes to self

Self took it

Sorry Hotep. Pretty good, but the effects lost me, along with the extremely fast raps. Thank goodness for the lyrics or otherwise I would have hardly caught a single word. Self took this battle, hands down.

em-hotep is my boy, total rape on self

em-hotep did the most amazing ever, self, didnt do jack shit, my boy em=hotep banged that shit like a 12 year old whore at a frat party, and self was the girl getting fucked.

Great battle.

I love Teps word play, especially the cain and abel line.

But overall I give this to Blue. His flow was just ill, very "freestyle" like.

I do love the chanting stuff Tep did, he is definitely different from every other rapper here on NG. If Tep practices and hardens up his flow he could really kill some shit in my opinion.

Great battle guys, good luck to the both of you.


I liked rahs style... shit was fuckin cool.

Self hit hard... in the first verse and second verse.. he TRASHED his whole name in the first verse.. and second verse was clearly death.. lmaoo