Reviews for "NGHH'11 - Em-Hotep vs Self"

tight shit

goes to self

Self the Bluest

I read Hoteps review he left and considered what he said. I feel like I'm a pretty unbiased reviewer and I don't base things around stuff like "I just thought this guy was better." To me, Self won this battle and here's why. Showmanship goes to Hotep, hands down, and I'd even put that mark in his favor, along with complexity. But if you're going to extend verses out the way you did and throw that much echo on them in an audio battle, be prepared for people to say that they don't hit as hard, even if the lyrics are posted. YOU may know the lyrics, but you wrote them, so you can't expect others to understand when you add a heavily delayed echo and a background scream to a running line. You could do with some more gain to clarify your enunciation. Your sound quality may have lost you this battle.

In spite of this, I think it was a closer battle than the votes imply, and maybe that's what bothers Hotep. Other than the sound quality, I'd give rebuttals to Hotep and personal attacks to Self. The flows were apples and oranges, and both delivered well

I'm tired of people losing battles in this contest and then crying about it. Right now you've gotten 15 peoples opinion who may or may not be the best judges.
That's what you signed up for, deal with it.


Definitely the better battle rapper. Made it sound live. Very dope westcoast track.

Self- Winner

Wow for Rahmemhotep For his 2 versus " RWARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" then it ended. i did not understand any of it. Self i could understand and he had some good lines. Really i only hear his punches and he had a better flow just was a better battle for him. Both MC did great But Rahmemhotep Slow down and get your lines to hurt him not up your self up - Self Wins

Red, are you dumb?

This kid sucks, Self can't flow. and he's stealing raps. xD Next year I'm gonna have to crush this kid. Nukebomb '12 xD