Reviews for "NGHH'11 - Em-Hotep vs Self"


HOLY SHIT that second verse sums up this whole fucking battle:

-- you labeled the file, "Self's Fail", and failed to even diss me,
told ya to stop once, but you even fail at listening, --


hotep: --can barely make out what youre saying throughout this have to read the verse, -nothing about his opponent
self: ++++setup bar then punchline bar*4 all of them personal
hotep: ++lol, adding a chorus to a battle, -superfast mumbling cant make out anything again, half+ for "go fuck yo self" (which i had to read)
self: ++++did it again

Self got OWNED

Dude, i love how it seemed like self spent a whopping 2 minutes on his verses. He got owned. "failed at listening" pleaseeeee. no wonder he didnt feel dissed; he didnt understand a damn thing. lmfao Self's verses are a total failure. i cant stop laughin. its like he seriously cant think of anything better to say other than "slow down"? Rah owned his ass.

HAAH :) nice

I'm going for The Blue

good second verse blue!
and rahmem work on your voice make it Hearable :)
you had a good flow though!

but my votes for:
blue yo

"Holy shit"

was right. Lol I think Em-Hotep came at it harder, so I'd give him the win.