Still Blastin'

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Heya everyone!

This time it's something I wish I had really done a long time before... anyone who knows me, knows I'm a huuuuge Mega Man fan and that the series is pretty much the reason I got into music making to begin with!

I've heard, from friends and people on Newgrounds that a lot of my music really sounded inspired by it, even if it wasn't my intention. So this time, I thought it'd be a cool idea to really make a track inspired by Mega Man!

It's pretty much a mix between retro instruments and modern progression, which I hope you guys really like! Pump up the volume to really bring out the details, headphones especially are recommended!

Enjoooy! <3

PS: Numerous homages to Mega Man music are scattered throughout the song. Can you find them all? XD

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This is an amazing song, it reminds me a bit of "At The Speed of Light" by Dimrain47 which is in lots of amazing levels from Geometry dash and is a Newgrounds legend. I'm planning to use this in a demon in geometry dash called Obscurity. (Which will probably come out in a couple weeks-a couple months) This song is good in lots of ways. It's not a massive loop of the same beat like some songs, and it's long. You just did a flat out great job on this song!

this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So nice tune!