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Reviews for "Still Blastin'"

great song!!

aaahhh... very good memories...

Megaman Sumarrized

0:00 : 8 bit Megaman fighting & shooting
0:20 : Charges his shot...
0:22 : Changes to Megaman X6 & fires his charged shot. Fights at random
0:33 : Equips his Black armor. Fights at random
0:45 : X teleports away & X2 Zero teleports in. Fights at random
0:50 : X2 Zero transformed to X5 Zero. Fights
0:56 : X5 Zero makes an uppercut slash & goes offscreen. X6 Zero teleports in & fight.
1:08 : X teleports in & double-teams with Zero in a fight
1:30 : Screenshots of their fight from X4 - X6, following from Iris' death to Zero's ending in X6
1:55 : A WARNING sign pops up & Gameboy's Megaman Zero shows up for fight, indicating an alternate Megaman universe
2:16 : Megaman Zero transitions to GB DS' Zero & fight
2:28 : X6 X teleports in to join the fight
2:40 : X6 Zero teleports in to join the fight
2:51 : 8-bit megaman teleports in to join the fight
3:00 : All characters charges their shots & fires. Screen turns white. Credits

I'd like to see this in Flash, if possible

Wow man

This song really captures the soul of every megaman game. I don't see how capcom hasn't hired you for making music for them!!!!

Twitchy lip...?

Your music is too darn good. I am listening to this and I am literary agape and twitchy at how good this sounds. I almost cried out of sheer awesomeness. And...is that Wily's Stage 2 I hear? Geez, I am once again at a loss for words.

What u expect?

great game, awesome artist
love it