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Reviews for "Still Blastin'"

One word: EPIC!

Bravo, my friend! That was some excellent mixing you've created!

Very ambitious!

I liked this song a lot because of how much it just does for getting you pumped up. It gives you a great feeling of being on a great adventure. Every turn of the way, it seems like there's things that you are trying to overcome. I only now just realized the similarities it had to classic Mega Man music. There's just something going on every second of this great song! It never lets up for a minute and does a great job of pacing.

It makes me wonder how you were able to make this great song. I can only imagine the complicated programs in your computer you must have gone through to understand this. I like how there's just so many different styles going on. They follow each other rapidly so there's no time to keep track. It's just the music that could fit to any awesome video game! Pixellated music will never die out!


There's nothing I can say that will do this justice. I'd play the hell out of any game with this as the soundtrack. Keep up the awesome work. Love your stuff.

Mega Man's Always Awesome

I thought it was funny when I read the part about turning up the volume, I did that as soon as the track began. Great work and just for a funny thought, this song worked great for a battle I had in Darksiders lol.

Epic megaman track FTW!

This song is insanely catchy and sounds amazing. Does it get more awesome than this? I think not. Fantastic job! :D