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Reviews for "Still Blastin'"

This is amazing. Beautiful actually.

You should be proud of yourself for this :)


A good sound comming from this track, it has a good build up and really gets you into it, i like that it was not that short so it did have some depth to it, wich was a nice, Also love how this always has something new comming up in every tune, Tune after tune it just gets better one after another, so nice job on this, i enjoyed this from start too finish, the whole mega man feel was right on, on this one, anyways keep up the good work.

A great tune here cant see how it can be improved on, but i suppose, a small suggestion of some backround effects. but as i said its pretty good as you have it, so i wouldnt touch it.

Truly the greatest piece of music there is for megaman. It makes my heart beat faster thinking about all the amazing times I've had playing megaman games and brings tears to my eyes every time. There should be one last game celebrating all things megaman and this song should play at the very end. I think that would be the best way to end megaman if we had to.

Rest in peace Megaman, my hero!

MEGAMAN!!!!!! This song reminded me of everything! This, so far, is the best song ever!!