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Reviews for "Still Blastin'"

Screams Megaman in every single possible direction.
Beats are on key, melody is 99% spotless.
The hype, atmosphere, and catchy jig one can do jammin' to this is priceless.

WHY didn't I find this when digging around for megaman stuff?
+5 +5

This is awesome and is very fitting for a Megaman game! Great job!

like my destination my ass has been pumped up to level epic. nice job NT. (Mega man has great potential for dubstep remixes BTW) so this is the best music so far. 5 STARS

YES I really like it the music!

Yes! That is definitely Mega Man style music right there. I'm thinking rush level with a devilishly difficult swing on things...

Anyway, I will be featuring this on the 8bitalliance.com cast site. Look for it up in a week!