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Newgrounds Wiki: Project System

The Project System is our pre-publishing and submission system for Movies, Games and Audio.

You can access the Project System by clicking the "P" button in your header when logged in. Alternatively, you can make a quick submit by clicking the "Submit Yours!" link that appears in each navbar rolllover dropdown.

If you choose the quick submit option you will be taken directly to the Publication Details form. After submitting your information you will be presented with a Preview page and the option to access the expanded features of your project. If you don't need to use the additional features, you can simply click the Publish button and complete the publishing process.

If you create or access a project from the main Project System interface, you will be taken first to the project dashboard. This page will present you with a checklist of what info needs to be filled in before you can publish and a side navigation with additional features. The additional features are as follows:

Project Members

This page allows you to invite other Newgrounds users to be members of your project. When invited, they will receive a private message asking them to validate their membership. Each member can be a Manager or a Contributor based on what access level you want them to have; see the in-page chart for access level specifics.

Credits & Roles

This page allows you to specify the credit for each member and add additional credited non-members. For example, you can add your inspirations or sponsors here. This is also the page you will use to add any audio credits for your submission.

Revenue Sharing

Revenue sharing lets you split any money you earn using any of the Newgrounds revenue platforms between contributors of your project.

In addition to splitting revenue, you can also assign reserve amounts to any user(s). No other users will receive any revenue until all reserves have been paid.

Audio tracks default to a suggested 5% of revenue share. You may want to change this to more or less depending on how much you value the audio in your piece. Setting it to zero is generally frowned upon.

API Tools

This is an expansive section that unfolds if you choose to integrate the Newgrounds API with your Game or Movie. Our API allows you to run ads, award medals, track high scores, save user data and user generated content, or simply track traffic and referral links from your submission. For more information, see our API documentation.

File Share

This is a private subset of Dumping Grounds that is only available to the users you want to share with. This can be fellow project members, registered newgrounds users or the general public. If you share a link to something uploaded in this space, only those you want will be able to access that link; everyone else will be blocked. This is a great way to share FLA and other source files that go into the development of your project, while also providing public screen-shots and teasers for your preview page.

Publication Details

This is the meat of your project and all the information that is required to publish. This is the page you directly see if you do a quick submit with the "Submit Yours!" link in the navbar rollover dropdowns. It includes your file, thumbnail, description, genre and tags. Once a project has been published, you will have the option to auto-publish any changes made via this form.


This page allows you to see what your submission will look like after you publish it on the site. From this page you can add beta testers and debug your work before exposing it to user critique. Your beta testers will only have access to this page, keeping all your other pages safe and sound. You can also allow the general public to view this page if you prefer to do open beta testing.


This page will ask for a final confirmation that you are ready to publish your work. If you click the button to proceed, your work will now be live and available to the public! See our individual content submission categories for Games, Movies and Audio to learn what happens next.