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Newgrounds Wiki: Review Guidelines

In addition to the rules outlined in our Terms of Use, failure to follow our guidelines may result in a review ban and / or the removal of your review(s).

Reviews are an opportunity to tell authors what you like about their work and what they could do to improve it.

Please DO NOT:

  • Make accusations in the review space. Flag the entry if you believe it is stolen or illegal.

  • Make personal attacks towards the author(s) or other reviewers.

  • Post large numbers of low quality / repetitively phrased reviews to boost your review count.

  • Use the review space for linking and promotional purposes.

  • Flood the review space with gibberish, ascii art, chain letters, etc.

  • Harass the author to upload specific content.

  • Complain about the entry getting featured or winning an award.

  • Tell the author their content doesn't belong on Newgrounds. We will determine that.

If you see an art, audio, movie, or game submission has been improperly rated, flag it as improper and write the rating it should be in the flag notes and why. Using the review space to state the content needs to have its rating changed will lead to the review being deleted.

If you see other users violating these terms you can report them by clicking the flag button in their review.

@Gloss has shared some great advice on giving art critiques:

When you're criticizing something and it's addressed specifically to the creator of that thing (meaning you expect them to read it), it's essential that what you're saying is firstly, useful and secondly, respectful.

What I mean by useful is that your criticism should cover what is wrong, how/why it's wrong and (ideally) how to fix it. "What is wrong" is self explanatory, you can generally spot something that puts you off in a drawing at a glance, however, posting anything along the lines of "wow, [thing] doesn't look right" or "that's not how [thing] works", "this would be better if you fixed [thing]", are useless to an artist on their own. Often times artists are able to spot problems in their own drawings without your help and if they didn't notice in the first place then there's even less of a chance that they'll be able to identify why that thing is wrong to be able to fix it.

This brings us to being respectful, which is admittedly not necessary, you can be rude while also giving valid criticism, but even though it might not be "necessary" it's still important. You have to keep in mind that anyone you're interacting with on-line is a person. When it comes to artists I get that it might be easy to forget that they're just people because followers tend to associate an artists name with their art rather than their personality and that can make them feel more like a brand or something along those lines but they are still just people.

This is important to remember because being rude has the same effect on them as it does with anyone else, even if what you're saying is 100% correct it's less likely that someone is going to internalize that information if the tone of your message is off putting from the start. You post criticism for the benefit of the person receiving it, not yourself.