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Newgrounds Wiki: Review Guidelines

In addition to the rules outlined in our Terms of Use:

All users are given the privilege to write constructive reviews for submissions. However we do have guidelines that must be followed. If you violate any of our guidelines your account may be temporarily or permanently banned from reviewing and the offending review(s) removed. Multiple offenses may result in termination of your account. Creating multiple accounts to evade bans and commit multiple offenses may result in your ISP or the authorities being contacted.

  • Stay on the topic of the submission and do not make personal remarks or insults towards the author. Telling artists "You suck!", "You should go kill yourself!", etc., will get you banned and you may lose your account. Without our contributors Newgrounds wouldn't be what it is, so we take seriously any insults directed at them by reviewers.

  • Do not post large numbers of low quality reviews just to boost your review count. If we catch someone doing this we will delete all their reviews. Take your time and write a sincere review for each piece you wish to critique. Reviews that are found to offer no useful information to the author may be deleted.

  • Do not use the review space for promotional purposes. Stick to reviewing the content; we don't want to hear about how great your website is. Posting links to websites that reward you for sending traffic is prohibited; we will delete your account for the first offense with no warning. Posting unrelated links is also prohibited and will result in a ban.

  • Do not flood the review space. Examples would be long strings of characters or words with no breaks or repeating words or phrases over and over. Do not submit images made from text and characters, as this will get you banned.

  • Do not use reviews to express your feelings that the entry should be BLAMMED or that it shouldn't be featured on the front page. Use the review as an opportunity to tell the author how they can improve their work.

  • Do not use the review field to address other user's reviews you didn't agree with. You are to be reviewing the submission, not other peoples' reviews.

  • If you believe an entry is stolen, do not comment about it in your review. If you are wrong, you may convince other users that the entry is stolen and may cause a legitimate entry to receive an unfairly low score. Use the whistle option to flag the entry as stolen, providing details and a source URL if possible.

  • Do not create alt accounts to praise your own content.

If you see other users violating these terms you can help report them by clicking the "Abusive" link under the review. Clicking "No" only states the review wasn't helpful and not a violation; be sure to use the "Abusive" link if the review needs to be brought to our attention.