Reviews for "Heavy area music"


hey thats song was pretty god hey no problemif i use this song un one of i videos un youtube? this song hears so f$" great so i can use this song?

Liau responds:

sure! just give me a link and put one to here so people can find the track :D
glad you like it!


mind if I use that in an up coming flash, I shall credit you.

Liau responds:

do whatever you want with it! :D I'm glad you like it! make sure you message me if you do use it! :D I like seeing my stuff used ^^


Newgrounds need more stuff like this. Please make more.

Liau responds:

^^ Thanks! I'll see what I can do :P


Awesome i wanna learn this on guitar. this is such a kick- ass song keep it up

Liau responds:

:D thanks! good luck learning!

Very cool man

I love this song, it's so badass! Sometimes I watch 1000 Cats just to here this song (plus I like that flash too).
Really great stuff :)

Liau responds:

:D Glad you like it!
thanks dude!