Reviews for "Heavy area music"


That is freaking awesome- please post more!

Liau responds:

:D I'll try and make some someday!


sombody should put this in a doom remake, keep up the good work

Liau responds:

Thanks! would love to see that!


This sounds like rammstein, but a little 'fake guitar'
Redo it with a real guitar ;)

9/10 5/5 +fav +download

Liau responds:

I'd love to! just have to figure out how to play it again lol :D

Love it

I like the drums especially. Seems like the kind of tune that'd get you pumped up nice and easily.

Nice job.

Liau responds:

:D try playing it while you play a shooter or something :P Glad you like it! thanks!


i clicked and i was like OMG SO FAMILIAR.
Then I looked to the left and I saw 41st reality. I love that game I used to play it like every day. Great song.

Liau responds:

:D Glad you like it! thanks!