Reviews for "Heavy area music"


For some reason I'm thinking that this would be awesomely working in a RTS-game! For some reason reminds me of some of the older C&C games :P Anyway, really really awesome music.


great job check out my song too!!!

nice work :D

to me, it kinda sounds like two arch rivals facing off, but excellent work i really like it ^^

hes right

OCTOQUAZA is very right becuase its like playing meatll gear solid or meatl slug and u should make a meatl slug game with like alot of heli copters so it hakes it hard and alot o zombies and make it "meatl slug:operation zombie rampage"

*generic good job title here*

Great work, makes me feel like I'm playing Metal Slug or something like that. I'd say, use it in a game on the last level.