Reviews for "The Secret Speech"


good job


nukes come from Cananda? are you retareded snipehack? Canada REFUSES to have nuklear weapons, mostly on account of were not retards. and no, most of your tanks come from the good ol' US of A and Euope. We have the US like.. 100 helicopters. So dude, if your gonna bash, at least get the fucking facts straight. Douche.

That was some gooe voice chopping.

pyropymp responds:

Where in the world did you hear in this Flash that nukes come from Canada? You probably need hearing aid.

well cool

i dont like bush and i whont make fun of him but for VolOpt you know most the US wepons come frome canada so when USA gose canada will go to becuse what u think is wroung not many ppl like you most are nukes come frome canada so do are tanks and plaines so id start kissing ass becuse if we the USA ever fades so will canada alaska and so on

Heh heh heh............

Its times like this I am happy I live in Canada...... We're like america's pot smokeing little brother. we don't go and play war with them and We are also a lot more popular(globaly). America is sorta like the bully-like older brother, always beating people up(Iraq), and stealing their lunch money(oil). We dont disturb the piece(We really are sort of a quiet nation), and everyone is concerned for us when we get sick(sars...), except our no-good older brother...

all I can say is

there is no way bush could say words with that much articulation with out prectacing it 1000 times.
Awesome parody, it was most excelent