Reviews for "The Secret Speech"

GWB sucks goat scrotum:p

And I hope he starts eating more pretzels....lots more.....hahahahahaha.

GWB should die, then cheney will have a heart attack and the next in line can step in......which, though bad, is still alot better than bush.

We need kerry....a good run of the mill crooked politician....not some crack sniffing tyranical redneck.

And whoever chants four more years will be shot immeadiately.

Also, whoever thinks it will be shot twice.

Bush may tell you clinton lied about us having a surplus in the budget, but that is completely false. Bush is just trying to pass blame to others, when he himself is to blame for our current economic and environmental situation.

Remember, green people, that bush relaxed laws to let power plants burning coal to skip refitting of older plants to meet ecological emissions standards.

Remember he wanted to drill in the alaskan wildlife preserve.

Remember that he gave the biggest tax cuts to corporations and rich families.

Remember that that stuff just plain sucks balls.

Ta-BEE 1.2.3
Saddam/Bush, I don't see much of a difference in terms of goals. The methods may be different to reach those goals, but the goals are nearly the same.

HAHAHAHAAaa!!!1 Very, very funny

(you may find it offendive)

I've never liked GWB or his goverment(I'm a dead man), and I totally, from the bottom of my heart HATE the GWB's excuses for the war on Iraq.
I don't like Saddam either, but GWB is a LIAR!!

I hope that Kerry wins.

p.s. Anyone whose got the power to kick me out from this page, please don't, because that was purely my own opinion and I propably putted in a wrong place.

p.p.s. I'm sorry. Don't hate me.

Pure genius

Absolutely the best Busch parody, ever.

This is the absolute best



Even Though I like Bush and think what he's doing is good, I still think this is funny. All your animations kick ass. Keep up the good work!