Reviews for "The Secret Speech"

Very funny!

Nice video!The broken Pikachu doll was very funny!

vote me for pres ill cause more terror

even tho im light ill destory china or any state(but only the offenseive stuff)nice


damn i thought that was an actual thing for a minute. Real good imitating that texas chili eating son of a bitch dumbass fucking no good for shit fucking so called presidnet george fucking bush

I knew it!

excellent job ripping on that little... uh, republican. but... what's with pikachu?


I loved how you randomly inserted a broken pikachu toy in there. xD The audience was awsome and the way you made it sound a lot like George Bush was FANTASTIC, (although, he sounded boring, but sometimes Bush talks like that, so I won't take points off of you for that one.).

I don't hate George Bush (politics, what's new about it?) and I don't really entirely blame him for American some peoples raping peoples or kids, but that was funny.