Reviews for "The Secret Speech"

wonderful audio pasting

The evil characters were cool, but the best part is how seamless the audio was.
I just can't believe people would vote for Bush after he blatantly violated the United Nations. He's a damn war criminal. What kind of a sick monster wants a war criminal for a president? I guess people just have no respect for basic law. People who voted for bush don't have any right to complain if they are harmed by someone else who breaks the law.
ok done ranting.

ok ok we get it

although i am a bush supporter and know several people shipping to iraq, and although terrorism is a problem now because of years of liberal agenda of not going after these fuckers, i must say that was a nice flash.


Well, it's good because of the speech. The cartoon is also not bad, but very easy to do this.

chris morris

best comedian EVER, he isnt just from warp records, he did the controversial brasseye series, my wrongs, some great work with peter cook, the day today etc. Great movie (because of the greatness of Chris morris)

Damn Iluminati

Could it be true. You bet your sack it is.