Reviews for "The Secret Speech"

Argue. It will get you no where

Everyone has their own opinions. That's a fact. And each person wants the other to agree with them to prove that they are right. That is a fact. Nothing I say here on what I believe in will matter in about 70 years or more (or even less). Things like this war, Bush, and terrorism happen in every generation then they pass. What really should be pointed out is that Fidel Castro was pranked called recently by a Maimi radio station.

funny.....screw doubleshot

That movie was funny...im a republican and im glad he is in office, if you cant laugh at your self or all the little stupid things you like then you have no sense of humor. I love my country becaus we have the most freedom...screw canada (soltiolism!! WTF!) any way thats off subject. Sadam had to die! he was a sick evil indaviduale. Doubleshot can go to hell! My father was in nam m uncle just got back from iraq and i one day will be sent out to some war and i exept that.

people now a days...

i swear to god, this saddens me. to whom it may concern, I am American, yet, I still dislike its government, leader, and even some of its people!I find it incredible though that some people think that they are "patriotic" because their country is the strongest, has the most power, and declares wars for reasons not reasonable by my standards. What bullshit. I hate people who agree with this war. Why dont we send THEIR bitch ass over there to get killed instead of 19-22 year olds who might actualy have something to live for. In a recent article of "newsweek" I read this: "'This job will be finished,' Bush told a grieving dad. Good, the father said, adding: 'We can't leave this like Vietnam'".
What we should do is send Bush over there. MAYBE when he gets shot in leg 5 times, or steps on a lindmine, or even just spends some time in Iraq where all this fighting is going on, he might think (which might be quite chanllenging for him...) twice about his "strategy".

Another thing, don't dis Canada or its people, because compared to America, it is the nicest place in the fuckin world. Watch "Bowling for Columbine" by Micheal Moore. You'll understand very fast. America is fucked up, and I think most of the people who voted for bush were either dumb ass hicks who are inbred, and retarted people who are stubborn fucks who think their opinions and thought are correct.

I hope you can read this Thomas, cuz I respect you for your skills and intellect.

PS-"Im_mario; you think they smoke a lot of weed in Canada??? go to almost any public high school/college, you'll find more stoners than you can fuckin count, ya bitch

I got stupider

Just by reading Twiztid_bro's comments. Good God. So what Kerry is going to raise taxes? He's raising corporate taxes so that outsourcing is discouraged, thus creating more jobs here, which the Bush administration has failed to do. They didn't agree to go to war in Iraq. There was no war. The Bush administration side-stepped congress and performed a military action, without congress' approval. Rising Oil prices will encourage people to find more efficient alternative energy sources. So help me, if I ever meet you, Twiztid_bro, I will beat the shit out of you, then piss in your face, then proceed to kill you. Slowly.

The movie was hilarious, except instead of "Secret Speech" you should have named it "Bush Speech Translation"

Very Good

You got the voice perfect man, keep up the good work.