Reviews for "The Secret Speech"

One hell of a flash

That made me laugh so hard I almost pissed myself! That was great...it was quite the satire.

that was good

im canadian and i think like just like you...okay i may not know everything about the US politics and stuff but still i think bush is paving the road to the end of the world...and even if im canadian i agree that our government is crap really...anyways i really like ur work thomas and keep the good werk comin!

note: snipehack, nukes dont come from canada cause canada refuses to have nuclear weapons
get ur facts straight fucknut

That was great

How can some one hate this, I wonder.
well maybe bush but still.
Like the standing ovations where dr. evil dropped mini me.

Happy hour is apon us, let the good times roll.

Great work!

it was funny if it weren't true.


it was hillarious at first,but as it kept going it just got boring,o well,lov ur work,and u'v got som damn good skill with voices.